About Us & Our Locations

Thank you very much for visiting Outside The Box Home & Garden Décor!

Our permanent locations...

  • The Emporium in Castle Rock - this is where you'll find our main and largest location with two large rooms inside (NW and SW corners of the building) in addition to two spaces in the center hallway past the registers. We also have a large garden decor space to the right of the front doors on the porch and all of the outdoor decor located along the fence adjacent to the back parking lot.

  • Curate Mercantile in Centennial

  • Sugar Mill Antiques & Vintage Depot in Mead (Exit 243 on Interstate 25) near the Tractor Supply Company in the southeast corner of the interchange.

    Seasonally during the last half of the year we pop up inside Makers Market at Park Meadows Mall

    Note that our website does not feature everything we sell. It just highlights some of our bigger brands.

    Your purchase supports a small business in Colorado, co-owned by Chris and Dorn. (although Rosie Belle the Basset Hound and Daisy Mae the Dachshund are really the ones in charge!) 

    Chris and Dorn offer...

    • over 50 years of combined retail experience

    • a focus on customer service

    • vast product knowledge

    Chris grew up in Arkansas and is a meteorologist at CBS4 in Denver. He loves to spend time outside. Dorn is a history major who was born and raised in Colorado and is an avid reader and history buff. 

    Rosie Belle and Daisy Mae offer...

    • licks

    • cuddles

    • tons of personality